What does The Private Plane help me do that I cannot already?

The Private Plane is a content curator, contributor and delivery system powered by Google. Through our strategic partnership, we are allowed to cover 99.99% of all licensed music and provide our clients the most exclusive art worldwide.

What type of benefits do I receive being a client of The Private Plane?

Besides having the ability to completely customize your very own song, being a client of The Private Plane allows you access to our exclusive art community and all of its accompanying features including merchandise, mobile apps, special raffles, the luxury blog, concierge services, mentorship & training, booking agents, vacation packages and more.

How does The Private Plane differ from iTunes, Googleplay, Spotify, Amazon, and Pandora?

Unlike the other 5 major platforms, The Private Plane allows its clients the ability to completely customize their own song all the way from the producer & artists to the instrumentation. The platform is designed to service its clients with ease in the utmost regard, while providing them with an experience crafted exclusively to their taste and preference.

Who are you powered by?


What genres of music do you curate?

Every and all kinds. Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, House, EDM, Techno, Alternative, Folk, Country, Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, New Age, World Music, Trap, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Latin, R&B, Soul, Reggae, Opera, Christian/Gospel and Spoken Word.

Which platforms allow me to purchase Private Plane music & videos?

Music, videos, art and all other content for The Private Plane may be purchased exclusively in our Goole Play store.

Who do you use to curate my requested piece of art?

Artists from all around the world including but not limited to musicians, producers, engineers, digital & fine artists, fashion designers, videographers, photographers, and poets.

How much does a song cost?


Are songs previews available in the library?

Yes. Songs in The PVT PLN library are available for preview (.30-.45sec).

What should I do if I did not find the type of song I desired?

If you do not see a song in your desired style, voice, or genre, we urge you to complete & submit the “Create A Song Form” available on your account dashboard.

Do I need to be a PVT PLN account holder to submit a song request?


What is the average price to create a song? What does it depend on?

On the most basic level, clients pay the standard rate of a song purchase to create a song ($.99-$1.29). The price for song creation varies depending on caliber of artists used, and special requests for production, engineering or instrumentation.

What type of song can I create?

The Private Plane system is specially designed to help its clients create customized songs in any style, voice or genre.

What options do I have for creating my customized song?

The PVT PLN offers an unlimited variety of musicians, artists & producers in every style, genre, or voice.

Can I request a specific artist?

Yes, we work with all levels and types of artists. Prices run akin to booking fees.

How can I become an official vendor of The PVT PLN?

By filling out a New Vendor Application on your account dashboard.

What is the turnaround process for my unique song?

The typical turnaround for a unique song creation is 5 business days.

What do you do to ensure project success?

The PVT PLN is a luxury goods provider for those who have selected high-end fashion, art and entertainment patronage as a lifestyle choice. All vendors of The PVT PLN have been examined thoroughly and placed through a rigorous vetting process to ensure quality & efficiency.

Can I share my music with other outlets or listening platforms?

Yes. All Private Plane content is compatible with Apple, Android & Windows devices. We highly encourage our clients & vendors alike to share their gratitude via all social media outlets.

Can I share my download experience to other clients?

Absolutely. All content is available to be shared through social media, e-mail, text message, G+, and Dropbox.

Do I own the rights to my customized song?


What can I purchase from the PVT PLN online store?

Merchandise & apparel, music, videos, and art.

What options are available for me on the Prestige & Promise Blog?

Through the exclusive luxury Private Plane blog, clients have the ability to purchase an array of items ranging from submarines, private planes, yachts, to cars, jewelry, clothing, shoes, memorabilia, and much more.

Do I need to sign up for an account to shop in the PVT PLN store?


What are your accepted forms of payment?

Debit Cards, Credit Cards, PVT PLN Cards, PVT PLN Store gift certificates, Store Credit, Paypal PayEase, & Content Codes.

In what countries is The PVT PLN?

The PVT PLN currently has residencies in the United States & United Kingdom.

When will PVT PLN be in my country?

We are actively working to have The PVT PLN platform in countries all around the world including South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Absolutely feel free to hit us on Twitter (@ThePrivatePlane) to shout us out and specially request us in your city!

How can I find my client number if I can’t access it or don’t know it?

Click on the Forgot ID link and enter first name, last name, e-mail address and we will send you your identification number.

How can I check the status of my order?

By using the Order Number in your confirmation email.

We will never sell or share your email with 3rd parties. We will not send you junk mail.